Cashless Gaming

What it means for your venue

The NSW Labor Government will introduce a 12-month cashless gaming trial in New South Wales, commencing July 1, 2023. The trial is proposed to include at least 500 machines, with a mix of pubs and clubs across both metro and regional areas. It will look at different cashless technologies, and what infrastructure investments are required.The trial will be overseen by an independent panel that may include representatives from law enforcement, gambling and health experts, academics, and industry. The proposed panel will deliver their report and findings of the trial to Cabinet, with findings and recommendations to be made public. The panel will be tasked with providing a roadmap to the implementation of gaming reform across New South Wales. Ebet will be part of that trial.

The move to cashless gaming is a direct result of the recommendations from the NSW Crime Commission to reduce the harm caused by problem gambling and to stop money laundering and criminal activity. The Labor plan is a fair and measured approach but make no bones about it – it is not a matter of if the industry moves to cashless gaming, but when.

Cashless gaming is not a new concept. Ebet’s cashless products, both card and ticket-based, have been operating successfully in 20,000 EGMs throughout multiple venues for up to 10 years.

What the NSW trials will manage is a system where a physical or digital card that enables electronic funds transfer to a linked bank account is used, rather than a cash transaction.

Given we are rapidly moving towards a cashless society, this transition makes sense in a lot of ways. Designed primarily to eliminate money laundering (no criminal is going to use a traceable bank account to launder money), cashless or contactless gaming via a digital card housed in a mobile wallet, could have a lot of benefits for the industry, including opening up access to a whole new social gaming market. Whatever the outcomes of the cashless trial, the important thing is to be on top of your options and look at how your venue, and your patrons, will transition to the new technology. It is not something you want to leave till the last minute. Ebet has been at the forefront of cashless gaming for nearly a decade and are well advanced with an integrated contactless system. Additionally, our Card-It product will provide a seamless transitional pathway to contactless gaming.

To find out more about Cardless and Contactless Gaming and how you can start to prepare your venue for the transition, join our free webinar on Wednesday 24 May, 2023 at 12 noon Sydney time.

Hosted by Ebet Managing Direct and CEO Frank Makryllos, with special guest Cheryl Hosking, Group Gaming Manager from Wyong Leagues Club, we will show you not only how cashless gaming works and how it can improve the gaming experience, but also give you an insight into the new digital technologies. It is a live webinar, and attendees can ask questions.



Other proposed gaming reforms for New South Wales

Cash feed-in limits reduced in new machines from $5000 to $500. Starts July 1.

  • Political donations banned from venues that house poker machines.
  • Poker machine advertising (VIP Lounge) banned outside all venues. Timing TBA.
  • Buyback scheme targeted to acquire 2000 machines over five years.
  • Harm-minimisation programs through a $100 million fund.
  • Introduction of responsible gaming officers in venues with more than 20 EGM’s.
  • Introduction of third-party exclusion and mandatory facial recognition to enhance self-exclusion. A deadline of 30 June 2024 for venues to implement technology.