Take the EBET Customer Journey at the AGE

You have probably heard about the “it factor”; that indefinable something that makes someone, or something special. Ebet, with its’ relaunch and resurgence has definitely got ‘it’ – new products, new innovations and a whole new way of doing business – and they want to share it all at the AGE.

Ebet has developed a full range of networked solutions to engage, connect, manage and enhance your customer’s experience, while also providing a suite of back-of-house reporting, productivity and risk management tools. From cashless gaming to compliance management – if it’s at the forefront of gaming in Australia, then Ebet’s got it!



Find out just what the Ebet customer experience is all about via 150 George – the ‘virtual club’ they have created for the AGE and uncover the eBet ‘it’ factor.

Cardit: Australia’s leading card-based cashless gaming technology that has been tried and tested in the market for over a decade. Suitable for use by both members and non-members, Cardit is an efficient, economical and secure cashless gaming system that allows customers to transfer up to $5,000.

Linkit: Utilising new payment platforms (NPP), Linkit enables customers to securely transfer money to and from a linked bank account and gaming account.

Tapit: Contactless gaming with a tap of your digital card! Customers simply hold their phone near the card reader on an EGM, and a Bluetooth adaptor enables the transfer of cash from their account to the machine.

Joinit: A branded, instant digital membership card for iOS or Android mobile wallets. No app required!

Orderit: Serve up a true VIP experience at every EGM. Orderit allows players to order paid or complimentary items directly from the Pathway.

Playit: Enhance your player experience by converting bonus points to credits with Wager Exchange

Sendit: A simple, intuitive and affordable customer relationship management (CRM) platform that has been specifically built for the hospitality and gaming industry. Automated SMS and email campaigns; lifecycle engagement; and behavioural loyalty management.

Holdit: Ditch those messy signs and allow players to take a break at the press of a button with Breakaway.

Showit: The in-machine touch screen! Pathways will keep players engaged and connected.


Each eBet product can function individually or come together as a beautifully orchestrated whole.